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Showing You the Way

Dr. James F. Harris

Dr. James F. Harris

Senior Pastor

James F. Harris felt the call and mandate of God to preach God’s Word at the age of 12. At 25 years old he began to pastor Highway Christian Church of Christ following the death of his pastor. After receiving a vision from the Lord, he formed Redeemed Assembly of Jesus Christ. As a result of his obedience, he was able to finance, organize and equip many churches both nationally and internationally. Many great preachers, teachers, and pastors have sat under his tutelage.

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Knowing Love and Sharing It

Co-Pastor Sylvia H. Harris

Co-Pastor Sylvia H. Harris


Sylvia Harris, affectionately called “Lady”, is a symbol of hope and encouragement with a mission to counsel and teach inner healing to the emotionally scarred. Equipped with a bachelor in Pastoral Counseling and Church Administration and masters in Christian Counseling and a genuine love for people, Lady is a transformational coach certified by John Maxwell, speaker, and organizer. She serves as Co-Pastor of Redeemed Assembly of Jesus Christ and has ministered globally in all types of arenas. Lady uses her struggles, abandonment and nearly 50 years in pastoring to lead others to freedom and wholeness. Her life is a testament to the healing power of God as she is a double cancer survivor. Her gift of healing speaks to the spirit, soul, and body and her strong faith leave all that come into her presence with a sense of confidence that nothing is impossible! Her work focuses on healing and organizational structuring. Her motherly instinct and passion to nurture and mentor ladies lead to the founding of Ladies in Transition, which has transformed the lives of many of all walks of life. It is her prayer to see God use her life to be an effective witness of His power and love in transforming lives. Her strongest desire is to see people reach their destinies.

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