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Thank you for choosing to donate. Your gift allows us to share the gospel, reach the lost, and find and meet the needs of our community.

How we spend our money reflects our priorities, passions. moreover, external values. Tithing makes us legal and puts God in charge of all our possessions, and our offering reflects the gratitude of our hearts and the level of faith we have in our provider, Jesus Christ. He a God that will always come through and always honor His Word.

Again, thank you for choosing to be a partner of Redeemed Assembly. Name your seed and expect a miracle! Be sure to share your testimony.

Giving online allows one to put God first and stabilize his/her giving. It is also an easy method to keep God first in cases of extreme weather, vacation, and allows one to easily plan and budget.

Scheduling payments are absolutely encouraged.  Feel free to schedule your tithes, offering, or special pledges.

All online payments will be sent to our tax consultants for tax credits.  Members may also complete an envelope.

Donations can be made via text to 804-403-8042.  We encourage you to add 3% (x.03) when submitting text payments for processing.

We currently offer online payments, text to give, checks, cash, money orders.  Beginning April 1, 2017.  All credit card payments must be made online or bank to bank.

Funds can absolutely be designated.  Simply choose from the list provided and enter the amount.

For your convenience, you can now register for upcoming events and activities as well as pay.  Go ahead and set it and forget it!

We’d love for you to join us this Sunday