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Believing in God’s Word and Spirit

Greeting s in the Precious Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.   We would like to welcome you into the Redeemed family.  We count it an honor and privilege to have you as a member of our family.  You have made the most important decision of your lifetime…to become a disciple of Jesus Christ and we celebrate it with you.

We are committed to nurture, embrace, provide effective information and resources,  assist with your spiritual and natural development until you are efficiently and effectively serving in the Kingdom of God.

To accomplish this we have developed a series of classes and trainings.  These classes will cover the basic  beliefs and doctrines of Redeemed Assembly of Jesus Christ, which are based on the Word of God.  This will provide you with adequate pertinent information vital to spiritual growth and development as well as discover your unique place in ministry.

Lady and I are your personal pastors.  Should you ever have any questions, concerns, or wish to share we are available.  My email address is drbishopharris@gmail.com and Lady’s email address is ladyrajca@yahoo.com.

Congratulations, now let’s produce a profit for the Kingdom of God.

Yours in Service,

Dr. & Lady James F. Harris

We’d love for you to join us this Sunday