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From 1940

Redeemed Assembly is a called out people with a special mission.  It all started in 1940 with a mission in the home of Elizabeth Hagen at 1736 Lakeview Avenue.  Mother Hagen gave herself to prayer and encouraged those around her to do the same.  There was always noonday prayer at her home and she urged that this practice be implemented wherever she went.

Through the demonstration of the Holy Spirit, the Lord added to the mission and soon a larger facility was needed for the prayer meeting.  This problem was resolved in 1941 when Mother Hagen secured a two-story building at 1804 Lakeview Avenue.  While using the upper level for her living quarters, the lower level was used for church services.  During this same year, Mother Hagen turned the leadership of the church over to Elder James W. Jackson. During his administration, the church became affiliated with the Highway Christian Churches of Christ, Inc., and adopted its name.

Though the church was growing, it was still small.  They often struggled, but were never defeated.  They continued to bless God for His goodness and He moved on their behalf.  They were able to purchase their first “edifice”, a storefront again located on Lakeview Avenue.  That building was quickly outgrown and in 1949, the church moved to 1518 Texas Avenue.

In 1963, Elder Jackson passed suddenly and Elder J. H. Caleb took over the leadership and became Pastor.  Elder Caleb had served under Elder Jackson for some years and had acquired experience serving so closely to him.  He was a meticulous man of great integrity and led the church until his death in 1969.

In October, 1969, upon Elder Caleb’s passing, Elder James F. Harris was appointed the third Pastor of this congregation.  Elder Harris sought the Lord for the knowledge and wisdom needed to lead His people.  God spoke to him through the scripture, Zechariah 4:6, “. . . not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit saith the Lord of hosts.”  These words reminded Elder Harris that only with God’s help could he be successful.  The Lord was faithful to His promise.

In 1975, while visiting the churches in the south the Lord spoke  saying, “I will show to you my glory, but no flesh shall glory in my presence.”  From that point on, with Elder Harris at the helm, the church began to move in a different direction.  In 1979, a new organization was formed, Redeemed Assembly of Jesus Christ, Apostolic (RAJCA, this acronym means “Called to Reign”).  The Lord continued to keep His promise and many people were saved and delivered.  The building could no longer house the congregation and a larger facility was sought.  In 1981, we moved to our present location at 2200 Fairfax Avenue.

Presently, Bishop and Lady Harris still serve as our Pastors. The church is thriving, having in place a very successful growth program. Our Vision is to “build and establish churches by finding and meeting the needs of the people.” Our mission is mission to engage, educate, and empower people for victorious living. empower people for victorious living We are a ministry of power, a source of education, a mountain of strength, a fountain of esteem and a place of refuge.

We are currently experiencing a great surge in people coming to Christ, the launching of new areas of operation, and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. We are grateful to God for the ministries that have been developed.

From shower curtains to chandeliers, from an empty church to a fruitful ministry, we thank God for this ministry.

We’d love for you to join us this Sunday